Our Brand

With 37-years heritage of Syarikat Jooi, a completely new product line - a high-quality and active lifestyle sandals, was founded by the CEO, who love to travel and explore around the world. He believes that a pair of good sandals have to combine function with style to keep our feet protected, cushioned and comfortable. In addition, the sandals are sturdy and durable, and are flexible enough to allow free movement of the feet. To bring the vision to real-life, hence, the brand NOVIGO ® was born!

What brought us together was a desire to fill a need for sandals that could help to relieve or relax people’s feet. The Novigo® team put great efforts to deliver the sense of lifestyle into the shoes, to make it even more stylish, perfect with your OOTD.

Novigo® sandals are not just a slide or a flip flop. They are an attitude , our choices, our dream, and our life. Live boldly, don’t settle! All Novigo® shoes feature GoDual ™ material, a proprietary technology that gives each pair of shoes the soft, comfortable, light weight, non-marking, shock absorbing, and dual density sole. GoDual™ technology features a dual-density sole to diffuse pressure and cushion each step. You’ll feel like you’re walking on the clouds.

Placing a great importance on being an environmental friendly company. Novigo® is crafted with the recyclable material. All Novigo® sandals are recyclable.

We’re proud to bring you NOVIGO® … A comfort dominated sandals that can truly make your hard-working feet and body feel better, while do not sacrificing style.